Guitar - Alt Pick + Hammers

We feel it's time to get some nice shredding practice in for guitarists. Both traditional notation and tablature are given here, because, well, if keys, sax, violin or other instrument is your thing why not give this a shot. Aim for a good tempo and very defined notes.

Now, to guitar. Use alternate picking on the open notes. The remaining three notes are a picked note followed by a smooth hammer on. Practice this for a while and you're really going to feel some tension in your pinky and ring fingers. These are the fingers of choice for the first two bars. The second two bars will most likely be best played with your first, second and pinky fingers. This would be the best approach to work at, but may change depending on factors like your guitar and your hands.

The exercise shown below starts on an open G-string. So, it's a pretty safe bet to say this is in the key of G. A quick study of the notes will reveal the piece is in a minor key. So, we're in g minor. Not exactly a common key for rock, metal or blues which makes this a great exercise for that reason alone. Obviously it'd sit well over a g minor progression. Throw a B flat chord in and see how you go. The riff would also work well over a good ole C Major chord as the root note of that chord is not the same as the open note in this riff but all notes are compatible.

Elsewise, ignoring chord and key shenanigans practice the riff across all your strings. See if you can use this riff concept with strings and chords you usually wouldn't use.

On a completely different tangent, the son of the writer of this entry has been learning guitar for only a few months. The writer sat his son down with a nylon string guitar and this piece of music and said, "see if you can get this down without my help". Results were good. Let's see how you go! 

shred guitar exercise

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