Vocal Exercise - Random Notes

Hopefully you are already familiar with the C Major scale. We will be basing today's post on that scale. Perhaps is you are a vocalist you may be familiar reading the C Major score from a traditional music score. However, for convenience sake we're going to show the C Major scale depicted on a piano keyboard and a guitar fretboard. The exact octave doesn't really matter, but a nice middle range octave works best. If you're on a guitar that's probably the one shown here (as on a keyboard you can progress lower into the bass range without much hassle).

Play your C note (which is the first note shown on either the guitar or keyboard). Beginners, make sure you are really getting the note and not slightly sharp or flat. Now, to warm up go through the scale and back again aiming to get each note on pitch.

If you find that your own vocal range struggles here trying singing in a higher or lower octave while keeping the played notes the same.

Ok, once you've done that as a warm up. He's the fun and challenging part. Pick random notes and try to sing them. Once again, aim to get the pitch exactly. And who knows, maybe you'll stumble across a nice new melody for your own songwriting!

C major scale