Cool D Major Idea

Today's lesson started off as a finger exercise for guitar. If you want to try it like that, by all means, go for it! Simply play the open note with the thumb of your playing hand and the three chord notes with the first three fingers of the same hand.

Okay... but when experimenting with this progression for sharing with you we didn't play the root chord. Which is? It's D Major. Therefore this progressions is in D Major - despite the fact that a D Major chord doesn't appear in the progression. It doesn't start with one, or resolve with one. Using a little music theory we can work out what key we are in.

The cool thing about this little run is that is shows a great way that you can compose in a key without actually using the chord (at least for a little while). Eventually, you should bring in the root chord sometime to give substance to your progression and resolve it. Play this through a few times and then end on a D Major chord. Nice, huh. Then, if you were composing you could do some nice stuff in D Major. Perhaps something like D - bm - G - G.

See how you go trying this technique out in different keys, and working composition techniques like this into your own songs.

D Major ii-iii-IV_V7

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