Alternate Idea for Guitar Tuning

A really short blog post today, but it's a great one for tuning dramas. We're talking stringed instruments here. Ever been stuck with no apparent way of tuning. For the average guitar player that usually means that the batteries in your tuner are flat. Well.... do you tune to the same pitch as your favourite band? Even if you don't most likely you tune to concert pitch or a semi-tone flat. There's probably a song in your catalog which is perfect to tune to.

And... this is a 'real world' experience. Pink Floyd tunes to perfect concert pitch. So once when this blog writer needed to tune they tuned their guitar perfectly by getting a 'D' note from Another Brick in the Wall Part 1.

So, if you're really stuck for a note to tune to use a song! In fact, if you use this technique a lot you might be surprised how well you train yourself to tune to a certain note.