Drums - Slow Rock Exercise

We've got a great lesson for learners drummer's today. Even if you've never played you should be able to get this beat down with a little practice. Although, you'll probably have to slow it right down, which is no hassle because that happens regardless of what instrument you play.

You can see that the score is in drum tab. To help you know which component of your drum kit to use the names of each component is given. It's a standard basic structure - kick, hats and snare. The high hats are closed as indicated by the x in the tab.

The style is a straight 4/4, however you'll notice that the kick beats at the end of the bar fall on the 'and' beat. That's probably the biggest challenge for a learner drummer and may take a little while to get down smoothly, perhaps more than one session.

To help an audio file of the beats has been given at 112BPM (Beats Per Minute). You may have to play slower than that at the start and when you got it see how you go playing faster.

#drumkit #drummer #drumbeat

#drumkit #drummer #drumbeat