Defining Music Genres

Ok, we all have our favourite genre of music, right. And when you hear a person say, "I like jazz" or "I like metal" you pretty much know what sort of music they are into. But, have you ever considered some of the defining aspects of music genres? What really makes the blues, blues and classical, classic? Listed below are some basic parameters of each genre. Of course, not every song or artist will necessarily use every aspect, but this is a pretty good start.

Jazz - Complex chord and melody structures, warm tones, consumate vocal styles, modern and traditional instruments. Ability to transfer between keys and improvise. Often expensive instruments, and fashion.

Rock - Simple chord progressions and song structure. Broad lyrical styles appealing to larger audience. Usually upbeat and energetic vibe. Typical rock instruments - guitar, bass, drums and sometimes piano.

Metal - Power of sound more important than melody. Often abrasive lyrics. Fast, tight playing. Darker choice in tones and often tuning. Power chords prefered to open chords. Fast and sometimes shredding guitar solos.

Progressive Rock - Long instrumental pieces. Musicians often virtuoso. Lyric themes ethereal or inwardly looking. Song length often quite long. Solos on any instrument and exotic sounds.

Punk - Player attitude more important than playing ability. Short songs. Confronting lyrics. Dislike of any player getting to much attention (EG: showy guitar solos). Cheap instruments and raw tones. Basic, but driving rhythm section.

Blues - Singing capablity of vocalist not necessarily important. Call and response between vocals and/or instruments. Walking bass lines. 'Working Class'  or repressed themes, but sometimes exactly the opposite (EG: love or good times). Extended solos. Improvisation.

Reggae - Bouncing style through playing on beats 1 and 3. Lyrics often have social context or personal feelings. Sharp guitar rhythm strums. Instrumentation is vehicle for the spoken message. Comfortable frequency range.

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