F Major 7th chord

The F Major 7th chord is a great sounding chord - full of body, but with a little airiness. The diagram below shows it on a guitar fretboard, piano keyboard and in scored notation. You'll be able to play this chord on a guitar using all four of your fretting hand fingers and leaving your thin e-string to ring out open. On a piano keyboard you'll need a two hand approach to play the version shown below. Or, for keyboard players, leave out the low C note thereby having your F note as the lowest note of the chord and the root note. Of the two keyboard options this is probably the best way to go.

If you're not good at reading traditional score this chord is a huge bonus. Take a look at the score. All the notes (F-A-C-E) are the spaces between the lines of the score. And as was just shown those represent F-A-C-E. If you can't read any music notation how easy is that! You've now just learned a chord and had an easy music theory lesson.

As for playing, you can pretty much substitute the F Maj 7th chord any place an F Major would normally appear. 

 F Maj 7 chord

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