Developing simple chords

If you check the score included in this blog entry you'll see a nice chord change - c minor to B flat. Triads are scored in both the traditional and tablature (triad = 3 notes).

simple piano and guitar chords

This chord change isn't the most common in popular music, but at the same time it's not exactly out there either. C minor is also not a common key to play in. If you took both chords up a whole tone you'd end up in d minor which is a lot more common (dm and C). But, the change show here is nice and may inspire you. You could even come up with a different feel by playing the notes individually instead of as whole chords.

But... what if you want to take this simple idea and create something challenging? On guitar you could barre the chords and play them as 'add 9' chords. You'll get a great spacey sound and probably some really cramped hands if you do it for too long! The versions are shown below.

 add 9 chords

You're doing well if you can get a strong clear tone out of each chord through strumming them. Again, try coming up with a picking pattern for individual strings and see how you go.

For keyboard players the notes are, c minor - C,G,D,Eb and B flat Bb,F,C,D.