The Hendrix Chord

Ok, we had to get around to it eventually. Ta-da! The 'Hendrix Chord'. This chord has become a standard for guitarists to learn as they progress beyond simple open chords. In reality, this isn't so much a rock chord as it is a jazz chord. The chord affectionately named the 'Hendrix Chord' speared into rock legacy after being predominantly used in the song Purple Haze. It's really a E7#9 (E seven sharp 9) chord. If you want to try it in your own playing try substituting it for an E, E5 or E7 chord.

Now... if you're a fairly competent guitar player well up on their Hendrix legacy did you know this? The song Purple Haze was the inspiration for the background music during the fight between Cloud and Kadaj in Final Fantasy - Advent Children. Not the chord we have been discussing, but specifically the intro to the song Purple Haze. It's a gritty, clashing intro that inspired the composer Nobuo Uematsu to create an awesomely orchestrated piece of battle music. That's an awesome track featuring a powerful orchestra and some shredding guitar with rocking band.

Yes, well, we are way off track here with some cool commentary. With that in mind we give you 'The Hendrix Chord'. Technically, the chord should be played with the open notes but you don't have to be so exact. Mute the top string, miss the bottom one... whatever. It's all good.

Keyboard player? The notes are E-E-G#-D-G-E (three octaves of E).

 hendrix chord

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