Flamenco Chords on Bass

Chords on bass guitar? Flamenco style playing on bass guitar? It might not be as crazy as it sounds. Some great players from styles as diverse as jazz to progressive rock sometimes throw in techiques that many players don't often associate with bass. That's cool, after all sometimes a grinding low-end groove is all you want. But sometimes, you might want something a little different.

With that in mind try the bass exercise below. If you're not great at reading traditional score don't worry to much. Use the tied chords and rest symbols as a guide. The score below is also played at a slow to moderate pace.

Now, to the actual chords. Fret them the way that suits you best. When you drag you playing hand finger across the notes of the chords (indicated by the arrow) aim to be articulate, not muddy. You might find that your third finger of your playing hand works best on the first chord, and your first finger on the second chord. Again, personal choice here, but that's a good starting guide.

Bar one is based on an a minor chord, bar two is based on a C Major chord. The two chord shapes are therefore minor and Major (in that order). Now you can get creative with using your own chords on bass - and use some tasty note choices to really drive home the musical context of each bar.

Keyboard player? Get yourself some nice, ambient playing using the score.

Flamenco chords on bass

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