A Barre Chord on 14th fret

If you're getting the hang of bar chords today's lesson is a simple one just for you. It's the A-shape barre chord played up at the 12th fret. This means it's also an A Major chord - exactly an octave higher than your open A chord. Played correctly, this chord is pretty tight and can pack a punch. Try it out with some rhythm which will vary depending on your playing style, metal, blues, jazz, rock, whatever. You can also try picking the notes whether fingerstyle or plectrum. Get used to playing this barre chord by substituting it for any other A chord you normally play in a song that you already know. Get creative by using it in your own songwriting.

Of course, you might think that because this chord is way up the fretboard that other chords you play with it should be high up too. That's not always the case. It works, and that's fine. But, throwing in a high chord like this here and there when playing much of a song around the 5th fret or lower brings a great dynamic range to a song. It can be very creative and shows off how you've expanded your sonic palette. Enjoy.

A shape A Major bar chord

(The 12th fret is indicated in the fret diagram because the bar indicating where you lay your first finger covers those two cool little dots that helps you find where the 12th fret actually is.)

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