Drummers get this tango beat down

More from the world of Latino beats for drummers. This time we're going a basic tango beat. Maybe this is your Objection Tango or maybe it isn't... Sorry, we just had to throw in a really bad attempt at comedy somewhere. But, hey, we're all friends so let's put that aside and check out a tango beat for drummers.

This beat consists entirely of four to the floor kick drumming (as indicated at the bottom of the drum score). It also mostly consists of matching snare drum hits to each kick beat - except right at the end of each bar is a quick snare roll. Played at high speeds this roll can be a challenge to not only hit on beat but make sure you're hitting the first beat of the next bar on time.

How fast should you be playing the Tango? Like most music it varies. Early to mid 1900's tango was a slower pace at about 60-66 beats per minute (BPM). Around 85 BMP is a comfortable pace. Faster tango beats range from about 120-132 BPM. So, try them all.

The last thing to notice for this tango rhythm is the accents that fall on the first and last beat of each bar. Give them a strong hit to really bring out the tango pulse and see if you can't get some hips shaking.

tango beat for drummers
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