Great stretch for musicians

Do you use stretches to warm up for, and cool down after, your playing sessions? You know, the stretches like you would use if you had just completed some sports activity. It's always best to stretch after, but some warm up stretches are good too. And that brings us to the point of this lesson. If you are a musician you are engaged in physical activity. Wrist, arm, fingers, shoulders, upper back, lower back and so on. Talking about back always aim for a good back posture when practicing or performing. Ok, before we get off track let's look at a stretch you might not have come across.

 This stretch is demonstrated by our lovely grrl rock chick. We adjusted our guy figure because he just couldn't handle it. Only kidding. Throwing some pink nail polish on the finger-tips helped give a reference point to explain this stretch. Here goes.

Stand up straight (A) with your arms hanging loose. Your palms are probably facing inwards. Rotate your hands so your palms are facing outwards then pivot your hands up (B). Bring your hands in towards your body until your fingertips are just pressing into your waist (C). Roll your hands down until your fingers are nearly vertical against your waist (D). Your shoulders should drop a little as your wrists bend upwards. Your pinky finger may stray a little so get control of that sucker and bring him back next to his other buddies. Hold this for about 15-20 seconds. Relax slowly. Give your arms and hands a shake. Great! 

good stretch for musicians

Use this stretch regularly to relax tension from your shoulders down to your fingertips. Take care of yourself as a musician. You don't want any injury or tension to interfere with your playing!

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