[Throwback] Guitar - Changing between C Maj and a min

 easy guitar chord change

This lesson shows you a simple way to practice changing between the open C Major chord and the open a minor chord. In the diagram, The chords are shown in traditional music score and also in guitar tablature. Of course, you can also easily recognise the chords from the chord boxes above the score. To play this exercise play four down-strums of your C Major chord and then four downstrums of your a minor chord. Go slow and get the timing of your changes perfect. Make each downstrum clear and rich in sound (that doesn't mean loud as possible).

Down strum arrows are shown as a guide. Usually arrows showing which way to strum aren't given in diagrams. You may not be one of those people that learns how to read traditional notation, however, just looking at the structure of the traditional score can give you a good idea of how your rhythm should be. That works best on complex rhythms which guitar tablature just can't show you.

If this is the first time you have come across these chords on guitar you will soon realise that you only need to move one finger to swap between these two chords. That may seem like only a small move as far as playing is concerned, but when you get into music theory there is a reasonable change in the music structure.

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