Jazz Out Your Ride Cymbal

Let's focus on getting a swing attack on your jazz drums. Now, here's how much the story usually goes- Drummer, "yeah, I can play a swing shuffle". Average dude, "that sounds ok." Seasoned musician, "man, you're just not getting it." There's something more about getting a good swing feel than just getting the timing right. It's one of those soul type things. You really have to feel it and make it work. And, let's be honest here, not all drummers want to get a perfect swing feel. It's just not their thing. However, it's always great to try out an new approach to playing, to get inspired, to explore new sounds..

The drum tab shown in this exercise only shows the ride cymbal beats to work on for this lesson. First up you have some easy straight eighths. Keep your hits nice and even, both level wise (volume) and timing wise. The next part of the exercise is triplets. Pretty much the same goal - aim for controlled hits.

Last up we have the swing eights. Basically, the middle beat is taken out of each triplet. That's the mechanical approach. Slow it down and count it out if you need to. When you get the timing down add a little soul to your hits.

swing beats on ride cymbal

Traditional jazz musicians almost always want the drummer to keep up a relentless four-to-the-floor beat on the kick drum so bring in your stomping kick-drum on each of these patterns. Come back to this lesson after a break of a day or two and see if your swing feel is a little more polished. Ok, cool cats. Where you go from there is up to you.

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