New Year Punk Beat

We hope it's not in anyway ominous for a new year, but we decided to get back into the swing of things by starting with a basic punk beat for drums. Let's get straight to it. The drum tab is below. If you're not familiar with drum score the kit components are labelled for you.

basic punk beat

You'll notice straight eighth hits on the hats. Keep them tight, snappy and on beat. Snare is a standard 3rd beat hit. That leaves the kick drum. This beat is a workout for your kick drumming - it'll develop your accuracy and endurance. Work on your kick drum endurance by maintaining this beat over a period of time. Relax if you need to, you can always come back later. Once you have this beat see how fast you can take this baby without loosing any control.

IK Multimedia -  iRig Mic Field

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