Guitar - Simplified G Minor Chord

Ok, a minor chord is a minor chord. But if you're reasonably new to music most likely you are comfortable with em, am and dm, which seem to be popular minor chords to learn. They pretty easy on both guitar and piano.

Let's add a new minor chord. The chord shown here is a g minor chord. As you can see this version of the chord for guitar is fretted with just your first finger laid across the bottom three fingers. This is a movable shape. Move it up two frets and it becomes an a minor chord, move it down to and it becomes an f minor chord.

Notice that this chord doesn't begin with the root note. In fact, the root note is the last note of this chord. The sequence of notes here is b3rd (flattened 3rd), 5th, 1st. This is known as an inversion - when the root note is not the lowest note of a particular chord. 

g minor chord on piano and guitar

This version of the chord works great for music styles such as funk, reggae, soul, blues and jazz.

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