Piano - G Major scale in thirds

The title for today's music lesson may have been a little ambiguous. You can only fit so many words in the title. We were hoping for something more like 'play through a G Major scale on keyboard using two hands with one hand starting on the third note' but we couldn't work out how to crunch that down into about four words. Now you know what this lesson is all about.

This piano lesson is a two hand workout using the G Major scale. You'll notice in the music score that the top series of notes is for your right hand to play, and the bottom score is for your left hand to play. Notes are obviously played simultaneously. That's the main point of this exercise- get your two hands moving across your piano keyboard as close together as possible. To do that we chose the G Major scale. You'll be surprised how that one sharp note will throw you off if you're not used to thing. Let's take a look.

G Major scale with thirds

The scales in this progression are both played with ascending triplets, that is, groups of three notes which slowly ascend all the way up a scale. The bottom sequence starts on a G note (the root note of the G Major scale). The top sequence starts on a B note which is the third note of the B Major scale. The concept of this lesson will work with any other choice of starting note for the upper music score. You could start on an octave, 5th, 4th or something more abstract. Like we said we're trying to get your hands functioning as close together as possible. Thirds work great for that and sound good too. 

As for fingering, stick to Index, Pointer, Thumb (I,P,T) for the upper section of score and (T,P,I) for the lower section. Continue your workout with this lesson by descending through the triplets also. To resolve this piece of music you could end by playing a root note with both hands upon conclusion. Try this concept out with other scales too.

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