Bass - Tapping Chord With Slide

We've got something advanced for bass players today. All the notes in this exercise are tapped notes except the two notes which occur at the end of each slide.

Each bar matches the major chord shown above. The first five notes of each bar are either a root note, octave or 5th. It is the last note in each bar, the third note of the matching chord, which defines these bass licks as major. We say bass licks because you can use them as such. But, here's how this concept came about. We were having a 12 bar blues jam (in A Major) and wanted to play the whole song using tapping. It worked. The exercise shown here is a simplified version of that. The point here being you can use something like this as a stand-out bass lick, or as a protracted technique for part of, or all of a song. Once you get your groove on it's a really great sound. To give this piece of music a fat sound hold your root notes down for the entire bar. The root note is the first note of each bar. Experiment taking your root note away at different times to develop your own approach.

bass chords with tapping and slide

Fingering for a right-handed player is shown under the bass tablature. Use the same fingering for both bars. If you're a left handed player simply swap hands. The space at the end of each bar serves two purposes. It gives you enough time to prepare for the next bar. Also, if you want to add something new there's a nice section of bar to work with.

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