Bass Finger Workout in G Major

This exercise given here is for a bass guitar but should work on any instrument. We've tested it on keyboard and guitar so we're hoping that's a safe call. This exercise is a great way to build up playing ability. It can also be a way to inspire new ideas for your playing, such as new riffs, melody lines or grooves.

The exercise here walks through every note of the G Major scale. We've chosen G major because it involves some pretty decent stretches on a bass guitar and firm fretting pressure. It's not beginner stuff, but it's not super-advanced either but may take a bit of practice to get down. Once you get it it's also something that you should incorporate into your regular playing to keep it smooth and keep your hand strength up.

Ok... back to the notes. This pattern ascends through the G Major scale in pairs of notes. The first note is always the root note and each other note successively climbs through the G Major scale. If that doesn't make sense it most likely will once you play it.

The other important aspect to this exercise is the fretting hand fingering. Follow the fingering as shown beneath. You'll find that not all notes ring out the same. You could try giving each note a staccato attack to do that. Obviously, you cannot hold down the root note and have it sustain while at the same time hitting the A note (5th fret, E string) at the same time. However you approach this exercise aim to be as smooth as possible and it will sound great.

G Major on bass guitar

This is movable so you can take this major scale anywhere on your bass provided that you begin on either the E-string or A-string. If you play a 5 or 6 string bass you can also start on your low B. If you play guitar then follow all the same techniques that were just discussed and you've got a great exercise also.

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