OK, Kool Katz. This isn't going to be a long post text-wise.

The only thing we are doing here is offering you something for free. Included in this post is a pack of acoustic guitar samples. We used these samples in one of our own projects and we think that maybe you can use them too. It's our Rockbadger Productions team playing and recording so you can be guaranteed that these are original samples.

This pack contains two folders. Both folders play through a harmonized progression of the C Major scale. One sequence is all the chords in the open position played on acoustic guitar. The other sequence is the C-Major harmonized progression played as root-3rd-5th arpeggio triads ascending through the whole C-Major scale.

This is our gift to you. Royalty free. No catches. Simply download and use as you like. Edit them, import them into your own music software. Whatever. Please don't share these samples with others, just tell them where they can get them for free also. Happy jamming. If you enjoyed these samples please leave a comment.

IK Multimedia's iRig Acoustic

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