B minor pentatonic ideas for piano

What we're going to go through here is using the natural minor scale with a pentatonic scale. This lesson was originally conceived on guitar and then transposed onto piano (which in itself is a great way of getting inspired - playing the same thing on a different instrument).

 minor scale and pentatonic scale

The key for this lesson is b minor, which is a cool sounding key, and we're not limited to just the white notes for a training session. The exercise is built from a repeating pattern of four notes taken from the b minor scale, B, D, E, F#. Coupled with that is an ascending pattern of diads taken from the b minor pentatonic scale.

 minor pentatonic exercise
 pentatonic clusters

If you're going through this lesson as on piano as was intended then it's one hand only. Most likely your right hand. To go through this exercise play the first bar then the second (obviously). Following that keep repeating the first bar, but progressively substitute the other bars given in the diagrams.

Using the pentatonic notes like this adds a kind of tension or grittiness to the playing. It's harmonically ok, but gives it a little edge. It's a tasty way to add more diversity to your scales. You can use this concept in different keys. Try it in your favourite minor key. Come up with a new melody line for bar one.

And... you can now watch this whole lesson on video.

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