Pentatonic Clusters on Guitar

Have you got yourself into a pentatonic rut on playing guitar? Need a new approach to expand your playing ideas with the pentatonic scales on guitar? Clusters are a great way to add some sharp attacks or sustained depth. Not to mention you can spice things even further up by using hammers, pull-offs, slides or even bends with groups of notes, diads, of your pentatonic scale. A diad is two notes played together. We won't get into those techniques here because you can't do all those without getting the diad foundation down first. Many great guitarists from Page to Gilmour to Frusciante and many others all incorporate elements like this in their own approach to guitar playing. This includes rhythm, riffs and soloing. If you know of another guitarist who loves to throw these diads into their playing let us know in the comments!

Now, this lesson was inspired by some rather cool footage we found on the cutting room floor of our music lessons video folder. The footage itself isn't so bad. However,it couldn't be used because of issues with another camera. But... take a look at this great approach to using a pentatonic scale as our guitarist warms-up on camera playing through the scale in various approaches. As the footage wasn't used for anything in particular we thought it would be cool to show the entire unedited version. Not only do you get a great angle on the guitar playing, but some great incidental camera movement.

Watch our video clip to check it out this great warm-up. As a bonus for checking out this post here we've included some matching tablature so if you're a guitarist you can learn exactly what the player is doing on the fretboard. The scale being playing is the a minor pentatonic scale.

pentatonic diads on guitar

Notice from the video how compatible this is with the a minor bar chord. So, this whole thing is moveable, take it up to b minor or d minor, or maybe down to an f# minor. The root note is the on the 6th string. Add this into your practice sessions and soon it will naturally work itself into your everyday playing. Feel free to save this tab lesson to your computer or device as your own personal resource.

As always, happy jamming.

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