Video Lesson For 3/4 Drumming

3/4 timing is probably most recognisable from waltzes. Of course, this time signature appears in classical music too. And progressive rock certainly jumps around using different time-signatures, quite often in the same song, which includes 3/4 timing. For want of a better term 'circus music' is often set to this timing.

Popular styles of music such as rock, jazz and folk sometimes foray into 3/4 timing, even creating big selling hits and classic songs. With that in mind we've created a video lesson for you. It shows four different drum patterns in 3/4 timing. All of them are at a comfortable 108 Beats Per Minute. Whether you sit down and rock away at a drum kit or program beats digitally all the rules apply just the same. So pick up your weapon of choice and get banging!

If you're using a device to playback the video and the drum tab is too small to read don't panic. Feel free to use the picture included in this blog post. Save it for your own personal use or share it.

 play three four timing on drums

Having defeated the challenge of the maniacal drummer you stand before two doors. Do you?

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