Writing in 6/8 example

Hi there. Usually, when we've created one of our free music lesson videos we upload it straight to YouTube. Then we give a more thorough explanation here in the Musician's Den. If you have checked out any of our other posts please do. There's heaps of great information for you. This time we really don't have to write any commentary. The video explains what's going on quite well. It shows the process we went through to create a chord progression in 6/8 timing. It wasn't all smooth, there were a couple of challenges, but the end result is pretty cool. So get ready for some inspiration and watch the video.

As promised in the video you can have the drum beats to use for your own practice sessions for free. It's a basic beat at 102BPM, running time 3:30. Feel free to download it and use it for your personal use.

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