Riff created with b minor chord

This post is a weekend guitar challenge for you. It's a riff created using a modified b minor barre chord. And, keyboard players will be able to give this a shot too if you want to get riffy. 


We have a short video clip so you can watch the riff being played on guitar. Watch the video at twitter.

You can also use the screen shot and listen to the audio sample. Remember, the highlighted note in the image is not the root note. It's an inverted 5th.

bm chord screenshot.jpg

In the photo you can see the shape of the guitar chord being played, but do not confuse it with a B Major chord. Since only the 1st and 5th notes are being fretted it is not possible to define exactly what the chord is (kinda like a guitar illusion). Play the D note with your pinky finger. This note defines the riff as b minor. The rest is basically a power chord! The root note is the B note on the 5th string.

Here's the audio:

You're also going to need reasonable hand strength to keep this one going. Plus good stretches. If it's a challenge you may need to go through some warm-up exercises to build your flexibility, stretches and hand strength. If you need to work on those things hopefully this is some good motivation for you.

That's it, friends. Happy Jamming!

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