Orchestration - Creating A String Section

You've written a wonderful ballad, complete with drums and bass and keyboard. Your band has finally got your cool rock song together. You've sequenced your smooth hip-hop track and recorded some great lyrics. But, you feel something's still missing. Strings?

So often a good song becomes great by adding strings. Sometimes it could just be during parts of the song. Often it can be different arrangements during the song. Adding a captivating string section to your song might not be as difficult as you think.

Simply work in layers. Start with your basic progression - piano chords, guitar rhythm or beats. Then add one set of strings. Then another. And so on. Take a look at our video that shows how it is done.

The video pretty much explains everything. Although, you might find it useful to have the music score to refer to. Feel free to save this image for personal use reference only. We've compiled the four parts of the piece onto one page to make things easier.

 Orchestration score

How did you go with this video lesson? Did you get inspired? What it easy enough to follow? We've love to hear from you.

Happy Jamming.

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