Beginner Melody Lessons

You’ve probably heard many times that the most important part of a song is melody. We wouldn’t agree with that 100%. Styles like rap and techno and even some of the heavier styles aren’t particularly known for melody. But, melody surely is a big hitter when it comes to writing a catchy song that will stay in people’s minds and have them humming it in the elevator because they just can’t get it out of their head.

But, where to start if you don’t know how to write a melody. As usual, the answer is start at the beginning. Sometimes people just simply hum out a melody or tinker with a few keys on the piano and, ta-da!, melody. It can be approached through theory too. Now, don’t worry if that thought seems counter intuitive. It certainly is not. Professional songwriters by the scores sit down and actually ‘write’ a melody.

Our beginner melody video gives a great foundation for learning to write melody. We use a simple progression of A Major and E Major.

Basic guitar rhythm

The we play variations of the same melody on top to give you ideas on how to start developing a simple line. The first melody line in the video is below. It sounds good, but you’ll learn in the video why it’s not a great melody line. Then get some ideas on how to improve it.

Easy melody example

The only thing left for you to do is click play on the video.

And… here’s the follow up lesson. It explains how important developing phrasing in melody is.

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