FRUITY LOOPS Studio 20 - Make four rock beats

Have you ever wanted to create your own beats. Perhaps as part of a song or maybe you just want a backing track to jam along to. You can do just that in the demo version of Fruity Loops Studio 20 (FL20). Everything you need to know is covered in the video, so there’s really not so much we can write here.

Writing your own basic beats is not hard at all and with a little practice you’ll be creating some great stuff. So, get watching.

But… we can offer you a little something extra for visiting our site. Both the intro drum beats you hear, and the outro drum beats are a little more advanced that the basic beats you’ll learn how to program. To help you develop your drum sequencing skills we’ve captured a few screenshots from our programming process. These are the three different patterns used to create our intro beats for the video lesson.

If you take a look you’ll see we’ve added tambourine, claps, plus high, mid and floor toms. Once you follow the video lesson through you’ll know exactly how to expand on the basic patterns and create fuller drum patterns. So, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t watch the clip, do it, then see what great drum tracks you can come up with for yourself!

different rock beat patterns
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