Write a Chord Progression in G Major - with Video

There's nothing too fancy we're going to write in this blog post. All the information you need to know is contained in the video. It explains how to know which chords to use when writing a song in the key of G Major.

The theory is explored but if all you want to know is which chords to use and don't care about the theory still watch the video. You'll get that answer too. Plus, there's a fun exercise at the end to see how you go at putting chords together. 

You can see in this post we've also included the music score and guitar tablature for you. That will help you grasp the concept and give you a good reference tool for writing songs in the key of G Major. Also, the theory in this video works for any major key. So if you get this down you can use it for any other major key you like. Get exploring!

Here's the score for the chords used in the video. We didn't include the names of the chords. You'll need to watch the video for that.

G Major harmonised chord progression
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