Adding a Horn Section with examples - intro lesson

Where would James Brown be without a horn section? Or Pink Floyd? For that matter, even Jabba the Hutt has a soulful brass section chilling with the band in his palace. Across the USA from Chicago to New Orleans smoking horn sections bring soul and energy to band. Not to mention the hip gyrating sounds that feature across a spectrum of Latino music styles. Jazz, Blues, Funk, Pop, Classical... so many genres have a good horn section.

But, how do you add a brass section to your own song, or compose a brass section?

There seems to be a lack of good information on the internet on how to add a horn section to a song. Let's qualify that. There is good information out there but often the way it's presented can be a little dry. We understand that music theory is important but sometimes you just want the easy version. A foundation. Some tips to point you in the right direction. And, often you can find ideas on how to compose for a brass unit but no examples. You want to hear and see it in action, right?

Here at Super Rock School we've done the hard work for you. Our video will give you a pumping introduction on how to get your brass section sorted. We cover four music genres - Funk, Blues, Classical and Ska and use a two horn section for each one. That's a trumpet and a saxophone.

That's enough talk from us. All the information you've been chasing is in the video. Take a look.

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As always, happy jamming.

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