Introduction to String Picking - With video

Learning how to pick your guitar strings is so underestimated by beginner guitarists. It's often left by the wayside as players work on the chords, riffs and melodies. But, learning how to accurately pick your strings is so important. You should begin almost the day you pick up a guitar! Read on...

Most likely you have heard of guitar picking. But, have you heard of anchoring to your guitar? Do you know how to anchor to your guitar? Anchoring is a key element to good guitar picking (when picking the strings with a guitar plectrum that is). How about 'hybrid picking' ? Hybrid picking is a more advanced version of picking. It shows up in rock, metal, jazz, blues, pop and country guitarists love it too! And, of course, there's fingerstyle players.

Where to begin with all that picking action going on? At the beginning. Watch our video that gives a beginner's guide to all the things we just mentioned. Featuring 2 camera angles and full on-screen guitar tab this will be the best beginner lesson for guitar picking you will find. What more encouragement do you need. Simply press play.

AS a bonus feature for reading this post we've got something extra for you. Can you tell the difference between this guitar tablature for fingerstyle picking and the one shown in the video? You'll know which one when you watch.

 triplet fingerstyle picking exercise

We hope you watched the video before continuing. If you play the lesson shown in the video and play the guitar tablature here both will sound exactly the same. The difference is the timing. We don't want to confuse you if you are an absolute beginner. Still, timing is something you'll come across sooner or later.

In the video the timing is 'one-two-three-four, one-two-three-four....' the timing in the tablature shown here is 'one-two-three, one-two-three'. You should be counting in your head. Or possibly using a click track or metronome. But- without a beat as a reference point both version would sound exactly the same. 

Ok, we hope you got some great ideas out of that. Keep practicing and happy jamming.

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