Easy Reggae Rhythms - With Video

Hey there. This post isn't a write up on how to play reggae rhythms. We’ve already created a youtube video explaining that. You can watch it here. However, there's a whole lot of variations to common chords that are used throughout the video. So this post is so you can check all the chords shapes that were used in the video.

Also, a few words for you keyboardists out there. The rhythms you can play are exactly the same as the guitar - play on the off beats. Or you can use the triplet and sixteenth rhythms. Piano chords shown in the video are voicings that approximate the chords the guitar is playing. They are more of a guide than a match. Depending on your playing level there's a few inversions you can try, or expand on.

Here's all the versions of the chords that were played on guitar in the video. As you can see, we used a few variations of many chords. The G Major chord used 5 variations! That's a great way to expand your songwriting.

a minor guitar chords
C Major guitar chord variations
G Major guitar chord variations
guitar chord inversions
open guitar chords

That's it, friends. Thanks for watching the video. I hope you have a lot of fun experimenting with reggae rhythms and chord shapes. Happy jamming!

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