K-Blues live blues festival 2017

The date for K-Blues 2017 is Sunday, April 30th (the next day is a public holiday in Queensland!) 2017 will mark the third successful year of the event being held.

In 2016, K-Blues was held at a rustic venue on a gorgeous hillside in the scenic Kooralbyn Valley. This event marked the second year of the local blues event. Crew and organisers woke to a gloomy looking morning on event day. It seems light morning showers did deter a few of the invitation only attendees. However, the overcast weather left quickly. Soon, crew, performers and audience alike soaked up an awesome K-Blues 2016.

It turned out to be a great day of live music performances. A wide variety of artists let rip with a cross section of blues styled sets. The event began with acoustic solos and duos. Energy increased when performances stepped up to instrumentalists and vocalists performing with full sounding backing tracks. As night fell, full bands took to the stage building up audience vibe with driving grooves, ripping guitar solos and energetic vocals. Once the bands got pumping the audience couldn't help but get up and dance. Songs ranged from classic blues to modern blues and original material.

Taking to the stage were Floyd, Michael Prosser, Bec + Chris, Rockbadger, Mr. G., Be Right Back, Arden Forster and Vicki. A few impromptu pieces tested performer skills and kept alive the great blues tradition of improvisation. This brought its own dynamic, allowing performers to set aside their polished edge for a moment and have some fun jamming it out on stage.

Some of the artists who performed at K-Blues 2016.

Some of the artists who performed at K-Blues 2016.

The day did have one major drama. One of the headline artists showed up with a recently sprained ankle but dedicated to perform! Unfortunately, he was let down by some technical difficulties that resolutely defied being resolved. Grrrr! He cancelled his set after twice taking to stage trying to showcase his smooth blues style but to no avail. Fellow musicians showed a true blues spirit - giving  him full support and commending him for his effort. We're happy to announce that our friend is confirmed to return with vengeance in 2017 and let loose with a soulful set of passionate blues songs.

This incident aside, the rest of the day it was nothing but cool times with everyone checking out the acts and chilling with friends. Event organisers were pleased with the way the event progressed, happy it ended on a high as a full light show lit the stage while the final band rocked on to vibrant finale. And, realistically, at an out-door event almost anything could go wrong. But, once the fire of the first act had been lit organizers kept the show rolling like a fired up steam train - just throwing in shovel full of coal after shovel full and keeping that train a-burnin'.

Feedback afterwards was great. Audience attendees commented that it was an awesome event and were eager to see more. Said one, "I don't want to have to wait another year to do this again." Crew and performers shared a similar spirit. All involved were motivated to push K-Blues to a bigger platform in 2017. Without a doubt, 2017 will be a excellent hosting of the event for a third time. Bigger, better, cooler.   

To see highlights from the 2016 event please visit our Facebook page.

You can also click here to watch some videos from the 2016 event.

UPDATE - K-Blues line-up 2017 includes great returning acts from 2016; Becky Atkins, Rockbadger, Mr. G., Floyd, Arden Forster and Michael Prosser are confirmed. Plus some great new talent to be announced. 

Just what is the Blues? Contrary to what some people think 'the Blues' is not sad music. It is more accurate to describe the Blues as raw, earthy, powerful, soulful, expressive. In fact, Blues music can get you up out of your chair and dance passionately. It can make you throw your hand in your air and cry out "tell it, brother (or sister)."

The Blues is American music. If anyone argues otherwise they don't really know the story of the Blues. Yes, roots of the Blues traces back to Africa through slavery but Blues itself gestated on American soil. In its early days there was no division between the sounds of blues and country music save for the fact that country music was 'white man's music' and the blues was 'black man's music'. The roots of the Blues did find its origins with African slaves - emotive call and response vocals (soon traded for guitar vs vocals), walking bass lines, and a vocal style that was less harmonic and more expressive.

creole blues musicians

In the early 1900's amplifiers allowed musicians to amplify their sound which meant that guitarists, bass players and vocalists were no longer hidden behind the drum-kit, a piano and the brass section. All of sudden a new form of expression was pushed to the fore. Amplified. In the 1950's Rock'n'Roll stole the Blues. In the 1960's the British Invasion bypassed 50's Rock'n'Roll, stole the Blues and took it back to America. From then on, in a variety of new incarnations, 'the Blues' took further shape from Crawdaddy to Electric. One famous Blues artist was asked something along the lines of, "how long will man be playing the blues?" His answer was, "as long as man is pushing a plow." How true. The Blues music is as alive as ever. The Blues is not 'Black Man's Music'. It is the music of any person, male or female, young or old, any colour, who has a fire in their soul and needs to share it with others whether through passionate vocals or soulful release on their musical instrument.

Mr G

DETAILS: [2017 Update] Date - Sunday, April 30th, 2017. Location - location to be released, Kooralbyn. Time - 12:00pm - 9:00pm.

Fashion is 'the Blues' - Come in your coolest, most styish, smartest, soulful, or downright swampy style - Texas, Chicago, West Coast, Mississippi, Cajun, London, or even Byron Bay fashion is expected.