"Not the Spoilers..."

These are not the spoilers you are looking for. It doesn't take Han Solo to work out that the odds of the internet getting flooded with reviews and pictures on "The Force Awakens" will be, well, pretty high. So how can we put up a post about Star Wars The Force Awakens without spoiling anything? How about comparing this new release to its original trilogy predecessors? If you've not actually seen the original movies the commentary on them in the next paragraph is all good, so you can have a great idea of what to expect.

The Force Awakens has the action, humour and character of Star Wars IV (A New Hope), the plot development of the Empire Strikes Back and the visual effects of Return of the Jedi. To put that last one in context ROTJ was mind-blowing for its effects when released.

Does The Force Awakens leave you hungry for more? If you didn't know a sequel was coming you'd probably leave the cinemas shaking your fist at the screen. That will make a lot more sense after you've seen The Force Awakens. I've read a few comments of other people's reactions to the movie. The responses are overwhelmingly positive, with a handful of people polarized at the other extreme sincerely disliking it. One person even commented there were no ewoks (ok, that's a spoiler, sorry). The thing is that this movie delivers. And it delivers big. It's not flawless, but it is an insane, old-school ride with a dynamic, modern style.

One difficulty in reviewing this film is that it exists in multiple contexts - a stand alone film, a film attached to its predecessors and a film that has two sequels yet to come. It seems its obvious it was not what everyone was expecting, however it gets an overwhelming thumbs up from critics and fans alike. The one true fact is it's definitely Star Wars, like the original movies, not the prequels. What happens next. Well, we're going to have to exercise some Skywalker-like patience.

Here's some pictures of a bunch of random SW geeks (including me) showing up for the midnight screening.

 The Force Awakens
 Star Wars Midnight Screening

[NYE2016 Edit] Star Wars The Force Awakens was released almost exactly two weeks ago. Since then the internet has been flooded with ridiculous fan theories. I've seen The Force Awakens 3 times in the last two weeks. So much of what people postulate on holds no weight. Feel free to ignore fan theories. May the Force be with you. 

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