Animated Images for You

Let's talk about gifs. GIF is an acronym for Graphics Interface Format. Basically, it a type of image file that is quite common. A great thing about a gif is that it can be animated. One of the most common places you might find a gif is on social networking sites. People love them. You know, those images where you see a man falling down the stairs over and over again, or a cat swiping at a fish and falling into the tank. And sometimes famous people doing crazy things.

What can a gif do for you? They can be used to educate or demonstrate as shown below. This gif repeats endlessly. A person who wants to learn from this doesn't have to click every time they wish to see it play. Animated gifs can also play through once and end on a chosen image.


Another great use for a gif is to draw attention to something important. Perhaps you have a new product release or a sale or promotion currently running. Why not use an animated gif to draw attention to your special feature? A small gif like the one below could be perfect for your HOT Summer Sale, a new range of barbeque accessories, or even promoting your swimming pool business. Let us get creative for you!


Contact us today to enquire about an animated gif for you. We're waiting to hear from you*.

*price varies on factors like size, content and duration. Our pricing range is quite reasonable. Feel free to ask us with no obligations.