Snake Guys Need Sponsor

Snakes Are Us are looking for sponsor(s) to launch into the Summer season in Australia with the ability to capture some amazing reptile footage, mostly snakes.

A few years back Rockbadger Productions assisted the guys to develop a camera technique so they could video some of the world's deadliest animals close up but with minimal risk. Minimal risk means not only to humans, but also to the animals which, no matter how deadly, are still an important part of an ecosystem.

The partnership of Rockbadger and Snakes Are Us released an independent DVD that received awesome response and a fan base numbering into the hundreds hungry for more.

You can see on this page a little of the history or the collaboration between Rockbadger Productions and Snakes Are Us shown through visual elements. There's no doubt about it, all those dangerous animals are still awesome and exciting to watch. Still, the guys from Snakes Are Us are all about education - educating people about the animals, their habitats, and how to deal with one of these creatures if you come across them.

Video Production can be a lengthy and expensive process. With that in mind we're seeking sponsors to assist with obtaining new equipment, travelling expenses, studio time, and/or financial assistance to defray expenses of day to day living as shooting video requires time that is normally spent in making a living and providing for family.

The collaboration of Snakes Are Us and Rockbadger Productions have dual goals to create awesome short documentaries that can be entered into film festivals to generate exposure and awareness of what we do. In conjuction with that the collaboration aims to produce an exciting DVD that can be marketed to the public for direct sales.

In appreciation for sponsorship we are happy to discuss mutually beneficial interest for a sponsor. This may include logo placement on printed material, acknowledgement in credits and/or sponsor branding in other places such as caps, t-shirts, websites and social media, or other.

We'd love to hear from you so questions and contact are welcome. Please use our contact page to get in touch and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.