Starman did blow our minds...

Sadly, a few days ago Mr David Bowie finished his current earthly course. An inspiration, pioneer and influence in so many fields. There's probably nothing we could add to what's already been posted across the globe. Our respects to you Mr Bowie, and thanks. You've journeyed from a Starman blowing our minds to once again an Absolute Beginner.

And, of course, we have no authority to create the charming gif below but we hope it's a fitting homage.

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Sharing is Caring

If you visit the site regularly you'll probably notice that we don't blog quite the same as many other sites. Our main blog is our free music lessons. If you are into music - any genre - then check it out. It's quite demanding to constantly come up with posts for that.

However, we're active in many other things and we lead a fairly active social life. Well, social media anyway. With that in mind we're happy to have had two of of twitter shares end up in other people's webpages. Okay, okay, we didn't write the article in 'the guardian', but sharing is caring, right. When you find something cool, interesting, unusual, gorgeous you want to share. That's not just online that's in the real world too. So, the team here at Rockbadger Productions is happy that others have thought the content we found interesting and shared was worth sharing with others.

Here's the two latest shares.

Five Way Work Will Change in the Future


The Visual Marketing Daily

And, we're pretty health conscious here at Rockbadger Productions. Sure, we're always working on a new design (or trying to level up) but taking care of yourself pretty important too. So, here's a picture of yours truly hitting the local pool on a Sunday afternoon. Ah, refreshing. Can you tell I don't get out in the sun much? Now... to level up!

mosquito one

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