Great warm up exercises for singers and musicians

Being a good musician or singer goes beyond just knowing notes of scales. If you have other elements such as strength, flexibility, endurance, control, and poise then you’re going to be in much better shape for live performance or studio sessions.

Sure, we have our favourite musicians who may have lived more on the wild side, but time catches up with us all. So it makes sense to put in just a little effort to keep your playing at a smoother standard and for longer. Guitarists have a range of warm-up exercises, as do vocalists. If you add a little extra to that you might be surprised at how much more smoother and in control you are when you practice or perform.

With that in mind, we’ve created a video series on stretching and breathing exercises for musicians. You might already be doing some of them. Not all of the exercises might suit you, but some might be exactly what you need to keep tension away, or even better, avoid injury which is going to stop you playing.

Why not add some of these exercises to your warm up and practice routines? You might be surprised to notice that great results come very quickly if you apply a few of these ideas a couple of times a week. It won’t take long, so invest in yourself and your art! It’s not about getting super healthy, although that’s a great goal if you want it. It’s simply about taking hold of every advantage to become better and last longer.

You can use the link below to download our routine as a PDF and watch the YouTube videos to get a demonstration of how to do the exercises.

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